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AmberletterSG: You Bear Hope

Have you ever wished others better understood what it means to be a caregiver?

This December, CAL is launching AmberletterSG, a campaign calling on all in Singapore to care for others, particularly those feeling sad and down during the festive season. The campaign aims to show that caregiving is not only for the close friends or family members of those with mental health issues: when each of us steps up to care for those around us, we can reach out to a largely unnoticed group in society suffering from depression or even at risk of suicide.

By calling on society to be more caring, AmberletterSG also seeks to address mental health problems before they can take place. When you slow down (as signified by the colour amber) to check how someone you know is doing, you safeguard those prone to mental health risks as well. Help support this movement by spreading the word to amberletter someone today through a simple act of caring or encouragement.


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