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Everest Base Camp Fundraising Initiative 2018

The surest sign that CAL has benefitted caregivers is when those who have attended training programmes decide to give back by advocating for those with mental health issues. Keith Lee, a participant at a recent course on caregiving and mindfulness, is a great example of someone who wants to give back and make difference. He has decided that he will make it his personal challenge to trek up to Everest Base Camp together with his friend, Kenneth. During the trek, they will share their experiences on social media platforms, making use of the publicity to spread the message about mental health and to fight against stigma. At the same time, they will raise funds for CAL.

Keith (left) and Kenneth (right)

As the project shares a similar aim with #YOLO2020, the two trekkers will be embarking on their expedition in support of it. They will also climb in support of NCSS’ Beyond the Label campaign. Updates of Keith and Kenneth's progress during the expedition will be posted on CAL’s Facebook page. Follow our trekkers as they ascend, and drop them notes of encouragement to support them in their journey. If you wish to support them in this fundraising initiative, make a donation here:

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