A weekend at Chinatown Heritage Centre

From crowded shophouses to modern skyscrapers: we’ve come a long way. Yet some things have not changed, like a shared communal spirit and warmth among those going through life’s hardships. For us, belonging to a close-knit group of caregivers mirrors the deep bond among our immigrant forefathers in a foreign land, who formed clan associations to collectively build a new life. Take a step back and draw parallels between the resilience of our pioneers in the past and the unceasing dedication of today’s caregivers of persons with mental health issues. We warmly invite you and your family to CAL’s weekend at Chinatown Heritage Centre on the 13th and 14th of October. This is an ideal reminiscence therapy for the elderly or those with dementia, and it also offers the younger generation a unique glimpse into the livelihoods and living quarters of the immigrant community in Chinatown. Reminisce with us through the sights, smells and sounds of yesteryears, and be inspired with strength for the caregiving journey of tomorrow.

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