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The Truth About Insomnia

Work stress, anxiety from family problems, worries in caring for your loved one - all these can lead to difficulty falling asleep or a poor night's rest. Come and listen to David Chay, a senior counsellor and health psychologist from CAL, share his experience with insomnia and give you suggestions for overcoming your sleepless nights in the workshop "The Truth About Insomnia". You will have the chance to learn to how to create a workable sleep plan for yourself, and discover ways to deal with stress, worries, and troubled thoughts. This event is supported by KTPH Patient Experience Office and KTPH Sunshine Buddy, and will be conducted in English. Details Date: 27 Oct 2018, Saturday Time: 10am to 12pm Location: Yishun Community Hospital (YCH), Tower E, Level 4, Learning Center, Room Hansei 1 Address: 2, Yishun Central 2, S768024 Sign up today! This event has a limit of 50 participants.

Update 26 Oct 18: Registration for this event has closed due to the sign up limit being reached. For enquiries, you may contact Dexter Yeng at

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