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7 Oct 2019

CAL organised its first photography competition this year, with shortlisted entries being displayed at Caregivers Connect 2019. Unsurprisingly, the most popular entries voted by our caregivers were those that tugged at their heartstrings. Perhaps only a caregiver understands the significance of these precious caregiving moments.

Congratulations to our winning participants! Scroll below to view the winning entries. 


10 Sep 2019

An event where every caregiver is a VIP – this was the essence of Caregivers Connect 2019, a full day event held on 7 September 2019 which focused on caregivers and their needs.

The event was a resounding success as it managed to meet its aim of having participants informed of resources and support services, inspired by the powerful stories of caregivers, and initiated as volunteers or advocates for meaningful causes. A careg...

8 Aug 2019

Held over four weekly sessions in July, the first ever Train-the-Trainer (TTT) course for C2C Dementia was held from 3 to 24 July 2019. There were a total of 14 participants, largely comprising volunteer caregivers of persons with dementia who had graduated from their respective C2C Dementia classes. As the C2C Dementia programme is new, many staff also chose to attend in order to learn how to conduct the course.


5 Aug 2019

On 27 July 2019, CAL held A Walk in the Park at Gardens by the Bay. Attended by 43 participants and 16 volunteers (attendees were caregivers and their loved ones), it was an activity for the whole family.

The event provided the opportunity for caregivers to step out of their familiar social groups and mix with other caregivers. It also allowed those who had not connected with CAL for a long time to re-engage with the caregive...

22 Jul 2019

Do you miss the friendship and support you received during your C2C programme? If you are a caregiver who has been through our 12-week C2C programme, what’s next?

Caregivers-for-Caregivers Support Group Programme (C4C) reconnects C2C graduates once a month to help them continuously learn to provide effective support to one another and to collectively achieve well-being and resilience in their caregiving journey.

C4C is a 1 y...

12 Jun 2019

On 3 June 2019, a group of young caregivers from CAL were invited to share their caregiving journeys to youths aged between 18 and 35 at the headquarters of Youth Corps Singapore (YCS) at The Red Box. This event, titled “Journeys of Caregiving”, aimed to facilitate mental health conversations among youths and to advocate against mental health stigma.

Although much effort has been made to change perspectives towards mental hea...

22 May 2019

We at CAL are very thankful for the staunch support that Hossan Leong has given to us. Notably, he recently used his flair for entertainment and comedy to host the CAL-TENG Charity Concert 2019 – Mind the Music!, gracing the evening both as himself, and by acting as the fictitious co-host ‘Miriam’. His exuberant personality made him highly engaging and extremely entertaining. The audience loved it.

If you watched him in actio...

4 Apr 2019

Singapore is facing an ageing population. With an increase in the number of elderly persons, there is also a growing number of people suffering from dementia. However, while many people have heard of dementia, few understand it well. Families of elderly persons suffering from dementia often experience confusion and anxiety when trying to cope with the changes in their loved one’s behaviour.

To help families and caregivers of...

26 Mar 2019

A unique collaboration between CAL and The TENG Ensemble Ltd, the CAL-TENG Charity Concert 2019 - Mind the Music! was held at Victoria Theatre on 22 March 2019. It was the first joint fundraising event by Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) and The TENG Ensemble Ltd, and aimed to further the work of both charities in a fun and new way.

Through an evening of music by The TENG Ensemble and other guest performances at the Victoria...

8 Feb 2019

On 26 January 2019, CAL’s partnership with Chinatown Heritage Centre was officially launched during ‘Bloom’, a full-day event for caregivers held at the museum.

Bloom commemorated the budding of the relationship between CAL and Chinatown Heritage Centre through collaborations such as Those Were The Days in October 2018. This time, the event was also a collaboration with Glacy Soh, a local artist, and with final year nursing st...

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