Caregivers Support Centre

Trained professionals and Caregivers Support Specialists from CAL are stationed at our Caregivers Support Centre (Institute of Mental Health), and in various hospitals around Singapore, providing:

Welcome and Outreach

We understand that caring for loved ones with mental health issues can often be a long, frustrating and stressful journey. Our staff are there to welcome and advise you about how we can support you as a caregiver in your caregiving journey.

Information for Caregivers

We welcome you to visit us at our Caregivers Support Centre to find out how best to care for your loved ones with a mental health condition and information about our services.

Counselling and Support

Our staff and trained Caregiver Support Specialists will always be ready to lend a listening ear to you in the confidential setting of our centre.

Referrals for Caregivers

We provide referral services to other community organisations or associations that can best address caregivers’ needs.